A hobby turned into a profession; a dream turned into a reality.

To list our past experiences and knowledge picked up along the way would not give justice to the people that shared it with us. Rest assured our hands have been filthy since before we can remember, knuckles scared, 10mm sockets still missing.

We thought long and hard about a retail website before we bit this bullet. It is important to get every turbo we build speced properly for your build. What the internet says works best is probably not best for your build. That makes a bunch of click down bars a scary option. I want to get this as right as possible on the first turbo. What we build and offer to you all, is our handshake, a handshake that means an awful lot to us. What we do isn’t top secret, what we do is a passion. It’s done with a purpose, that purpose is to not only make a living but to enjoy a hobby that has brought be so much joy all while hopefully helping you enjoy the hobby with me.

We try very hard to be available for questions but please understand we need family time as well. Nights and weekends can get crazy, please allow us some time to respond. We always want to hear about what worked well and what didn’t, your feedback makes us better at what I do.

Thank you for the support and trusting us with your builds.