Common Rail Fuel Injection


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HP gains will vary depending on many situations, such as supporting mods and your geographic location. Sizing is a basic refence as to what can be expected. All injectors are built and tested in house. Injectors are build from new bodies.

5.9L Cummins units up to 100% over

30% = 50-75HP potential

60% = 80-120HP potential

100%= 150-200hp potential


6.7L Cummins

Currently only available in 20% overs, which equal approximately 50HP

clean burning, can be ran on stock setups with very limited tuning. very efficient clean injectors.

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2003-2004 35%, 2003-2004 60%, 2003-2004 100%, 2004.5-2007 35%, 2004.5-2007 60%, 2004.5-2007 100%, 6.7L 20%