$1,200 to $1,650

We Build just about everything S300.

There are so many configurations and applications that these are primarily custom built to order units only. Listed for sale are some common units for the 1991.5-2007 5.9 Cummins platforms. All built with 14CM T3 gated housings. 3rd gen units will require a cast 90* compressor elbow that is not provided. We strongly recommend the BD cast elbow as it is a much tighter radius. We can build many other configurations for a vast array of engine and chassis platforms. Turbos listed are machined for an OEM 2nd gen elbow and will have an HX40 or HE351 outlet.

If you are purchasing one for a 3rd gen please select the appropriate product with a (3g) beside it so the exhaust outlet is correct.

When you decide to step into an s300 frame charger you have made the choice to not have a drop in turbo. This chassis turbo is more robust than any stock appearing unit. S300’s do not require much work to drop into a Cummins but will require more on other engines. We can build the s300 in a very wide range of sizes. From stock power to wild setups. It is not recommended to run an s300 turbo over the 700hp mark but that does not mean it can’t do it.

This style turbo has a very wide range of applications and can be built in t3 or t4 housings. All of our S300’s are built with a larger race cover and billet wheels. 62-69mm compressors and 65-75mm turbines in 2 profiles.

These turbos will require a new oil feed fitting. The turbo side is 1/4 NPT.


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