S300 Turbo


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62/65/14 is a wonderful towing turbo. This turbocharger is easily capable of 450/500HP. When tuned properly can spool like a stock HX35. Great charger for someone wanting to keep their truck a truck with basic supporting mods and still be able to put some noticeable power to the ground. This size turbo works great as a secondary if one were to go compounds later on.

63/68/14 is the largest turbo we recommend running if you tow much of anything in your 5.9L. This turbo is big enough you will see slightly slower spool but will have noticeably more power compared to the 62/65. This is a great all-around turbo. A turbo that can still allow you to use your truck to tow but large enough for 650HP on a well build 3rd gen. Expect mid 500’s on most builds.

64.5/74/14 is used on hot street trucks that still need to be able to tow lightly. Capable of achieving the 600HP mark and maintaining a decent service life while doing it. This will be notably laggier than the smaller options but still very streetable

66/74/14 is large enough that your truck should be considered more of a toy. Streetable but will not tow well. This is an aggressive single for a t3.

69/74/14 is a play turbo. Expect to experience more surge on shifts if you fall under this turbo. This unit will however create a lot of smiles per mile as it rolls into power very aggressively.

larger S300’s tend to roll into power very violently. This makes driving with them quite fun, kinda an all or nothing experience.