Compressor Sizes

The oem compressor can be from a 50mm to a 60mm in the holset platform. We offer 4 compressor sizes.

60mm This is a great compressor for basic builds. This unit will far outflow any stock wheel as well as out spool it. This is paired with a 60mm turbine. Consider something like this for a work truck or something that will fall in the 400ish HP range

62mm We pair this with the 64mm turbine. This is a great combo for guys that still work their truck and have basic fueling mods that just need a little more oomph and cooling when on the throttle.

63mm This compressor is almost always paired with a 67mm turbine. This size is also our most common drop in compressor across the board. They are just a really nice blend of performance and drivability for the everyday truck. You can make some impressive power numbers with a turbo like this but still hook to the hay wagon and get on down the road. Something like this is happy in the 500hp range, but is capable of much more if pushed.

67mm This size is built only on request and only on the 67mm turbine. This turbo can have a shorter service life. You the driver are responsible for its health. it will surge more while shifting at lower boost. It will however make way more power than a little turbo should be able too. This turbo can make well over 700hp in a competition setting, yet have pretty good driving characteristics unloaded. You can still tow with this turbocharger.

6.7 common rail We offer VGT drop in units for all 6.7’s. 63/67 and 67/67. Same as above applies to these chargers. A 6.7 comes factory with a tiny 60mm turbine for the application. I have no problem recommending a 63/67 on a bone stock truck. They work very well, it is however preferable to have some tuning to be able to maximize the upgrade.