2001-2004 LB7


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These units are built to be 100% drop in’s, no physical modifications required. Spool time, in any form built will be similar to your OEM unit. The larger you go the less desirable it will be to tow and the less friendly it will become in a daily driver situation. In most all cases this style of turbocharger allows your truck to still be a truck and not just a toy. Turbos like this can be used in stock to wild applications. It is however very important to understand that the more extreme you get with a turbocharger, the shorter its service life can be. Bigger does not always mean better.

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The 63mm works very well for OEM and mild fueled trucks. These units will drive and tow very well. The 63mm unit is happy around 500hp but capable of notably more. The 67/67 should be used on hot daily drivers that do not tow or work stock trucks. Boost should be limited to 45psi or under in all sizes due to shaft speed issues. The OEM turbine housing design is a restriction.