6.0 powerstroke


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2004-2007 These units are 100% drop in’s, no physical modifications required. Spool time will be similar to your OEM unit. however the 71mm turbine is an aggressive unit. The larger you go the less desirable it will be to tow and the less friendly it will become in a daily driver situation. In most all cases this style of turbocharger allows your truck to still be a truck and not just a toy. Turbos like this can be used in stock to wild applications.

These turbos are Extremely loud! Your neighbors will hear you coming.

2003 model engines will require late model pedestal.

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Offered in 4 sizes. Our most common size being a 63.5mm with a 66.5mm turbine. This is a really well balanced turbo. These work on bone stock trucks up to relatively modified units. Happy in the 500hp range but can be ran pretty hard.

65/66.5 This is for folks that tow less but still want OEM’ish spool speed. The 65mm compressor moves a noticeable amount more air and will give an impressive top end push. What you give up is some towing and street manner. Expect to experience more surging during shifts under low boost conditions.

The 65/71 and 68/71 are large pieces for this frame unit. They will not spool like stock. It is highly recommended to have good supporting modifications to run this unit well. This turbo can easily do 600hp+. Do not expect to tow heavy with this turbo.