6.7L 2011-2014


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These units are built to be 100% drop in replacement turbochargers. These are sold complete with a hardware kit to convert from the OEM dual intake turbocharger to a single inlet. All clamps and plugs included. No physical modifications required. No need to retrofit piping and mounting kits from the 2015+ engines. These are journal bearing units unlike the unreliable ball bearing units from the factory.

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These are modified to utilize a journal bearing system to eliminate the much more failure prone ball bearing assemblies found in OEM units.

units up to the 63/66 will spool very similar to stock. these units are very responsive coming into power. great upgrades without needing the 2015+ retrofit kit.


59/62, 61/62, 63/66, 65/66, 65/71, 68/71