4th Gen 2007.5-2018



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We are now offering HE300/400VG hybrid units!

A 6.7 comes factory with a restrictive 12 blade 60mm turbine. This can easily become a restriction when you start chasing power. All of our units come with 10 blade high flow turbines regardless of the size.

These units are 100% drop in’s, no physical modifications required.

The Hybrid units allow us to install your choice of larger turbines a 72/64, 76/67 and a 76/71


The 60/60 and 63/67 are unchanged from previous models, with the 70/60 and 67/70mm turbine wheels.

60/60 is an excellent choice for stock or simple tuned trucks. These are monsters towing. Stock spool with a little bit more CFM and a better flowing exhaust resulting in lower drive pressures. This turbo should be ran on stock engines up to around 450HP.

63/67 is a great choice for daily driven trucks with mild supporting mods that tow occasionally. This turbo is capable of around 650HP.

Hybrid HE300/400VG

63/64 is a great option for mild builds that tow heavy and often where daily driving is the focus. This turbo is a bridge charger for guys that want a little more than the 60mm but don’t want to lose towing capabilities. This charger should be ran on trucks from stock to around 550HP.

65/67 is a great option for guys that want to retain their Exhaust brake, mild towing with more focus on performance than working their trucks. This turbo will still be able to tow lightly. HP potential of around 700.

65/71 will push the usable power a little farther out in the rpms.  This turbine is aggressive! This WILL make this turbo laggier than the smaller units. When you let them flow you gotta deal with a little lag to make that power. This combo should be used primarily for street and smiles per miles. Towing is not recommended but possible with a responsible driver and the proper supporting mods. HP potential over 700.

67/71 is the beast! This is for guys chasing numbers on their VGT equipped trucks, towing is not recommended, good tuning as well as the fuel to support this turbo will be crucial! HP potential over 700.

With the addition of these new options we are now able to tailor in builds more precisely for each and every one of your builds.

These turbos are sold exclusively through the website with Billet City Diesel Actuators. These actuators require no learn process and have much stronger motors. We also offer a house reman actuator at a lower price CALL FOR DETAILS. These turbos add a noticeable amount of power but in most situations still allow you to use your truck as a truck. It is however very important to understand that the more extreme you get with a turbocharger and supporting mods, the shorter its service life can be and the laggier it will be. This is noticed most while towing. Bigger does not always mean better.


Please Note: that there may be a longer build time on larger sizes.