1st/2nd Gen 1991.5-2002


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The OEM compressor can be from a 50mm to a 60mm in the holset platform. We offer 4 compressor sizes.

60mm This is a great compressor for basic builds. This unit will far outflow any stock wheel as well as out spool it. This is paired with a 60mm turbine. Consider something like this for a work truck or something that will fall in the 400ish HP range. A 60mm turbine is the OEM size on most units, our turbines are higher flowing 10 blade versions. Expect stock spool with a notable power gain in the midrange due to the flow increase.

63mm This compressor is an excellent choice when paired with a 64 or 67mm turbine.

The 63/64 is a great combo for guys that still work their truck and have basic fueling mods that just need a little more oomph and cooling when on the throttle. stock to around 475HP with excellent street manners.

The 63/67 exhibits a really nice blend of performance and drivability for the everyday truck. You can make some impressive power numbers with a turbo like this but still hook to the hay wagon and get on down the road. Something like this is happy in the 500-550hp range, but is capable of much more if pushed.

The 67/67/12 is a ripper for this chassis size. Very responsive with an aggressive power curve. This turbo can make well over 700hp in a competition setting, yet have pretty good driving characteristics unloaded. You can still tow gently with this turbocharger. Service life will greatly vary depending on the nut behind the steering wheel.


These units are built to be 100% drop in’s, no physical modifications required. All of these units are built with our exclusive race covers. Spool time, in any size built will be similar to your OEM unit as these are still small frame turbochargers. The larger you go the less desirable it will become while towing and the less friendly it will be stop light to stop light. In most all builds this style of turbocharger allows your truck to still be a truck and not just a toy. Turbos like this can be used in stock to wild applications. It is however very important to understand that the more extreme you get with a turbocharger, the shorter its service life can be. Bigger does not always mean better.